Classical Folk Pop

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We are Sound Affects


Sound Affects is a highly experienced unique alternative duo. Pioneers of the 'Classical Folk Pop' genre, they are based in Wiltshire, England. Sound Affects write their own material and have three albums released to date. SA is perfect for acoustic venues, original music bars, private parties, and festivals. Contact us on or 07522 164557 for bookings and further info.  

Sound Affects are:  Iggy Gould - Guitars and Vocals; and Catherine York - Violin, Flute, Guitar, Melodica, and Vocals. We can also play a set of popular songs to fit any event scenario, under  the name "Gouldy and Caff".

Sound Affects play original songs and have three albums currently released. 

Retrospective - 2017

Everyday Escapism - 2018

The Cut - 2019

We are already beginning work on our fourth! Find us on Soundcloud, itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music and pretty much everywhere else.


Our Albums